About MOPE

MOPE – Modelo Operacional Ltda. is a Brazilian consulting company based in the city of Belo Horizonte, rendering services worldwide, specialized in optimization and process control for mineral processing plants.

We live in a time when creative solutions are indispensable for the sustainability of the mining business. MOPE has been contributing with an original phenomenological model: The Operational Model, disseminated in several technical magazines and congresses over the past 32 years, besides two engineering books published in Brazil by Alexis Yovanovic.

To properly face the sharp dropping in the contents and the increasing of impurities in the extracted ores, a situation that started to worsen recently, MOPE has developed techniques of Selective Concentration, generating important process solutions with minimum CAPEX and OPEX, as well with minimum generation of fine tailings.

MOPE has the experience, a specialized focus on mineral processes, and proprietary tools (MOPETOOLS), combining knowledge and modernity, capable of optimizing new projects since their conception, as well as the plants in operation.


To generate value to the mining industry in a sustainable way, prioritizing responsible creativity in projects through the development and continuous improvement of original solutions for optimization and control of mineral processes. To break up paradigms with solutions that we believe and understand as needed by the mining. To make engineering such an activity that it does by one what is, in general, done by two.


To be recognized for excellence, impartiality, and originality in the development of services/products for optimization and control of mineral processes.


Ethics and respect: Sincerity in guiding the Clients in their real needs.
Safety and Efficiency: Agility and commitment.
Originality and rupture of paradigms: We are responsibly creative.