The Operational Model

The OPERATIONAL MODEL is a process engineering compendium that has been developed by Alexis Yovanovic since 1987 for several mineral processing mechanical operations. It establishes an analogy with chemical processes creating a new phenomenological interpretation for both the Comminution and the Concentration with Mineral Particles Transfer. The Operational Model defines how mineral particles would behave if they were molecules, always guiding them along the shortest path, just like the GPS for a driver.

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Our Services

In hard times we are responsibly creative.


A service for the Operational Control and Process Engineering support that uses information available at the plant to bring control to the plant floor and safety to the Managerial and Corporate Environments. This system is the last stage of a consulting project and becomes a customized software, exactly tailored to the needs of the operation.

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MOPE has developed original techniques of SELECTIVE CONCENTRATION that drive to the best process route, both for new projects and to optimize plants in operation. The ore itself indicates its potentiality.

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The concepts developed by MOPE always guide to the best process route, with maximum metallurgical performance, reduced CAPEX/OPEX and minimum generation of fine tailings. We are responsibly creative.

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MOPENEWS, the MOPE newsletter, has been distributed to the mineral segment for many years and, currently, turned into almost mandatory reading for several subscribers around the world, especially in Brazil, Chile, the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Latin America.

Froth Flotation – Parte VIㅤㅤㅤ

TAREFA PENDENTE Dois testes de flotação de laboratório (Caraíba, 1988 – Cobre) foram executados com a mesma amostra, um deles mais “suave” e outro em condições mais […]

Froth Flotation – Parte Vㅤㅤㅤ

ENGENHARIA DA FLOTAÇÃO No link abaixo estamos colocando à disposição dos leitores de MOPENEWS um resumo do livro de Engenharia da Concentração de Massa por Flotação (A. Yovanovic). Engenharia […]

Froth Flotation – Parte IVㅤㅤㅤ

EXERCICIO DEIXADO NA SEMANA ANTERIOR A flotação de SiO2 para concentração de minério de ferro é um pouco mais complexa, tanto pelo fato de que ela é […]

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