The Creativity and the Riskㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

Whoever develops creative solutions, whether manufacturer, employee or consultant, deserves merit. Many of such solutions, however, will never turn into reality in industrial operations due to the risk aversion held by those from whom a decision to move forward was expected. That is why we believe that a major value in the technological evolution in mining rests on the decision makers who, bravely, assume part of the risks and expose themselves before the company he or she serves and even the society. On the other hand, the paralysis coming from the fear of failure validates the phrase that “whoever does nothing, has nothing to fear”.

MOPE is proud of the successfully creative solutions delivered throughout its 17 years of life. At the same time, recognizes that among of others key success factors are the several executive colleagues of companies, who have been betting on renewal and the legitimate search for improvement. We have won awards and been recognized by the mining community, especially in Brazil and Chile, but here we express our acknowledgment to many managers who have exposed themselves to criticism and even put their positions at risk to explore and defend the better technological solutions in their operations and projects for the benefit of their companies, communities and shareholders.

Many COOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors or Managers carry with them the humility of their own anonymity, in the opportunities in which they bet for the technological evolution of their operations and/or projects. This should be seen and recognized. After all, the position they hold is not only a privilege, but an enormous responsibility.

Therefore, we hope that in 2021 we can see more executives facing internal and external resistance in favor of a more creative and responsible mining.

Alexis Yovanovic

HAPPY 2021

The year 2020 was a year of hard trials, which required each of us to deepen our thoughts about the meaning of life, the real importance of people and our ability to adapt to adverse situations. We must not resist to the learning opportunities that arise from these experiences. There has been an underlying invitation to change that depends to some degree on our willingness to face our comfortable zones with courage.

May it inspire in each of us a sincere desire to undertake a responsible attitude that lead us to a truly prosperous new year.

This is the last edition of MOPENEWS 2020. We will return in the second week of January 2021.

We wish you all a happy vacation and a Merry Christmas!

Mopenews Team

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